Sunday, June 20, 2010

Narimiya Hiroki
The Ideal Boyfriend

17th June 2010

On the 17th, actor Narimiya Hiroki attended eye make-up and nail care company Koji's campaign launch 'Love In Your Eyes' as its image character. In conjunction with the campaign, a cellphone novel based on the theme of 'close-range love' is produced. Narimiya commented on his own romantic experiences, "I've been jilted so many times. Why? Reasons like I can't meet, or it's just not real." He was frank about how being busy with work has led to disappointments in his personal life.

In the cellphone novel, Narimiya plays the role of an 'Ideal Boyfriend'. He's the sole character as he speaks to the camera. "It felt a bit awkward as it's just from the camera's point of view, and not having lines with someone else was quite unsettling," he said.

Narimiya who's usually 'shy and has stranger anxiety', revealed more about his private life, "Just being meek doesn't work. You have to show all your cards. Tactics? I think I used to be good at those, but it's already in the past." When asked about achieving a certain victory, he said with a wry smile, "I guess you convey your emotions through your eyes. But not staring for too long, just a gaze kind of feeling."

The cellphone movie and novel for the 'Love In Your Eyes' campaign will be available from 21st August onwards.

Watch the press conference and CM & Making.


Who are these evil people breaking Nari's heart?!

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