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Which Japanese actress has a face liked by the Chinese?

Which Japanese actress has a face liked by the Chinese?
19th June 2009

This survey was done in three of China's largest cities; Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. They were asked to choose among 9 of Japan's young actresses. Their names were not revealed and only their faces were shown. The result? In every city, the one most often chosen was Sawajiri Erika. Between men and women, more men like her but when compared with the rest, she garnered overwhelming support from both sexes.

One of the reasons could be the effect of her role in the drama '1 Litre of Tears'. The book had also been translated and sold in China and many have been moved to tears watching the drama. Even if they may not remember the character's name, there must be many who recognize her face.

The runner-up is Inoue Mao, who receives much support from Shanghai. She is followed by Aragaki Yui and Nagasawa Masami. Toda Erika, who was ranked 1st previously, has dropped to 6th place.

1. Sawajiri Erika
2. Inoue Mao
3. Aragaki Yui
4. Nagasawa Masami
5. Horikita Maki
6. Toda Erika
7. Ayase Haruka
8. Aoi Yu
9. Miyazaki Aoi

Green : Guangzhou
Red : Shanghai
Blue : Beijing


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On Tuesday, June 23, 2009 4:03:00 PM, Anonymous atskv9 wrote...

Thanks for translating this! I wonder if Mao studying Chinese has anything to with this? ;) I know none of the names were shown but likely some of them recognized her!


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