Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hana Kimi SP
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Horikita Maki
Birthday Celebration

Horikita Maki "an adult already", even appearing semi-nude in her photobook

A press conference was held at the beginning of her birthday celebration in Tokyo.

Horikita Maki appearing in a white dress that revealed her shoulders and chest said,"I'll try my best as an adult, to be a wonderful lady." Trying to respond to the reporters' requests to face their cameras as she blew out the candles on her cake, she laughed and said,"This is difficult!"

She received birthday wishes at the set of her drama on the day of her birthday, the 6th of October too. Responding to questions of "A guy to spend her birthday with?" she said,"That will be nice ne. I didn't manage to find someone for my 20th but after this maybe."

Toasting a champagne with both her parents she remarked,"I don't quite get its taste. It's really carbonated..." She did not show her parents the semi-nude shots that appear in her photobook that goes on sale on the 10th. "I felt shy," she said with an embarrassed laugh.


Rest of photos and their links in full post.

Nikkan Sports

堀北真希「大人になった」 写真集でセミヌードも




2008/10/09 19:42


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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oguri Shun
Gyao Magazine November 2008





GyaO Magazine (ギャオマガジン) 2008年 11月号 [雑誌]

\(^8^)/ \(^8^)/

Atsui-ness!! More under the full post.




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Mizushima Hiro
Getting felt up !

Hiro being felt up by the pervs at gout temps nouveau, aired 8th October.

In MANNINGEN, aired on the same day.

gout temps nouveau



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Oguri Shun
1 against 149 in Crows Zero 2

Oguri Shun 1 against 149 brawl in Crows filming

Lead actor Oguri Shun (25), recently ended filming for Crows Zero 2 (directed by Miike Takashi, opens next year). The filming which took place in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture ended in a climax fight scene where Oguri faced 149 opponents. As the character Oguri plays, Takaya Genji, graduates from Suzuran High School, Oguri is also graduating from this series where he has appeared twice. "It was a dream team. I did it with the intention of giving it my all," he said, without regrets.

Wearing iron-tipped boots which weigh a little less than 1kg, he alone confronts 149 people from his rival school. It's the scene Takaya marches boldly into. Oguri charges at full speed and attacks the masses of shaved heads. The staff and other cast members could be heard saying "Scary~" and "Amazing~". Even when the scene was re-shot at different angles and distances many times over, the tension in Oguri remains unchanged. This scene started at 8 in the morning, and continued well into sunset.

This appearance will be his last one for the series. "I wanted to walk away from it with a bang," he said. Oguri trained at the boxing gym every 3 days and also did weights. The surroundings also played a part in the change in his physical appearance as they had to overcome the grueling heat of filming through August.

Yamada Takayuki, Takaoka Sousuke and Kiritani Kenta from the first movie returns in the cast. Miura Haruma (18) makes his appearance this time. Oguri commented,"Guys in the late 20s like us can't keep on doing this. It's better to hand it over to the next generation." Miura said,"I definitely want to be a part of the next generation of Crows. I want to see what Oguri-san has." He will surely succeed in the Crows spirit Oguri has created.

Nikkan Sports






 [2008年10月6日9時22分 紙面から]

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Horikita Maki
An An 1630

These scans are a little err.. hairy :| [and a lot worse before Grumpy cleaned some out !] but I'll put up better ones and the missing bareback shot if I find them.

This isn't from an an, not sure from which magazine actually. But she looks good here too. Hot in black, white and any shade in between.


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh ! My Girl Press Conference

Hayami Mokomichi : In the future "I'll be a doting parent." Drama Oh ! My Girl Press Conference

Actor Hayami Mokomichi (24), who plays the lead role in the drama Oh! My Girl (Nihon TV, starting on the 14th) attended its press conference in Tokyo on the 6th of October. His co-star is child actress Yoshida Riko (8). "I don't know if it's my strong point or not, but I like children. When I have children of my own, I'll be a doting parent," he said, revealing a surprising side to him.

The story begins when the mobile phone novelist Yamashita Kotaro (Mokomichi) is abruptly forced to live with his sister's (YOU) daughter, a famous child actress Sakurai Anzu (Yoshida).

"She's such a huggable princess. She told me,"Wow you're so tall." And we hit it off after that," Mokomichi said, surprised himself at how well they got along. About his own child-like side ? "I love figurines. When I enter a toy store, a switch gets flipped. Call it child-like or should I say I have the heart of a young boy," he said, to laughter. If his children were to enter the world of show business in the future ? "I'll give them as much support as I can. If the opportunity rises, I'd like to work with them too," he replied. Kato Rosa (23) plays the role of a new manager. "I want both a boy and a girl, so until I get one of each, I'd continue giving birth," she said, laughing.

Excerpts & Photos from Mainichi


Is that a real dog, sitting through the press conference ? It's cute. And Mokomichi, hot papa part 2 !

速水もこみち:将来は「親ばかになる」 ドラマ「オー!マイ・ガール」制作発表




 主人公が出入りする「週刊タイフーン」の編集長を演じる古田新太さん(42)は、友人の編集者を参考に役作りをしているそうで「おおむね早口の人が多い。なんだか忙しそう。間違っていなければ、それで押していこうと思っている」と話した。編集者役の岡田義徳さん(31)は「これまで比較的“いい人 ”の役が多かったですが、今回は下の者には強く、上の者には弱い意地悪な役。いつも電話をしているイメージがあるので、電話をしながらなにかしらしたいと思います。早口で」と、意気込みを語っていた。


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Homaki, first semi-nude shots

Homaki, first semi-nude shots
7th October 2008

Actress Horikita Maki, who celebrated her 20th birthday on the 6th of October, has her first semi-nude shots.

She bares her skin, expresses sorrowful emotions and shows off a grown-up Homaki in her newest photobook S (Magazine House) that goes on sale on the 10th. The title reflects her spirit (SOUL), honesty (STRAIGHT), secret (SECRET) and others and the image was decided on by herself.

In the issue of an・an which goes on sale on the 8th, there are shots which bares her cleavage. "I was able to express exactly as I felt. Personally, I feel it to be a very fresh experience," she commented.

She plays the role of a heroine who loves a man completely in the Fuji TV drama Innocent Love (Mondays at 9) which starts on the 20th. It looks like we will see a new Homaki as an actress as well.


Images from 2ch, the pics are in Sankei Sports.


It has begun, quick someone send Yamapi a copy of her photobook ! (〃_ 〃)

I think there'll be 4 shots in anan and they're a preview of those in her photobook. Seems like it from this Sports Hochi news.


Anyway, this turning 20 must be something really serious in Japan. Barely 24 hours into adulthood and she has bared so much, and it just seems all perfectly normal :|

(Free shipping within Japan)

S 堀北真希・写真集 (Horikita Maki Photo Album - S)


Horikita Maki Photo Album - S

2008.10.7 05:01






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Aura #061008


6th October 2008
Once again !!
Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ After dress rehearsal today, I went to the hair salon !! I last went 2 weeks back !! Come to think of it, it's overdoing it a little ↓↓ It's like nowadays the way my hair grows has not been as usual and I've grown tired of it... (*laugh*) But the hairdresser at my favourite hair salon has given me a cool cut as usual and I love it ('-^*)/

Ah, today's the day that the one-off drama 'Chichi, Kaeru' will be aired, later tonight !! It has a good tempo and it was a new experience for me doing it... I think it's a drama that you can watch for an hour without being bored and you'll be kept laughing !! Everyone, please watch it (^O^)/


Chichi, Kaeru

Furball !





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With Yuu #051008


5th October 2008, 19:04
What I thought of...

The Rookies special was aired yesterday. But ! Even though that's the case !! I was so busy running around yesterday I couldn't update the blog (>_<) Everyone, sorry ne... did you watch it ? Although there aren't many new scenes of me, I'm happy as long as everyone enjoyed it !
Yesterday I did filming for a drama special that hasn't been announced just yet. When the time comes, I'll let you know about it ☆
This photo was taken yesterday at the filming location, with an extra who took part in the filming, the angelic GEORGIA-chan ♪
I had to coax her a few times before she gave her best smile ☆ She's only 2 years old, you know ~(^O^)
Won't my own kids turn out this way as well, I wonder~ (*laugh*)
Well then, till next time ☆


Guess he's on the lookout for a blond wife. He looks so happy. U-kun looks like he'll make a great hot dad (#^.^#)




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Horikita Maki
B.L.T November 2008

B.L.T stands for Beautiful Lady & Television. If you have ceased to think it's a little weird, you know you've browsed too many J-mags. But Maki does look beautiful and sort of ero-kawaii in that white dress.

On another note, on the B.L.T website, they refer to this as the November issue but it's October on the cover. This futuredating of magazines is confusing.

Scans from 2ch.

B.L.T Online


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