Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Inoue Mao
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3rd October 2009

"Aitakatta Aitakatta Aitakatta " Mao-san danced as she sang to AKB48's song .

For the scene where Mayu is a junior high student
We bought many magazines targeted to junior and high school students, and studied them
Among the poses in those magazines

Stylist-san's reaction to this photo
"Moe~ "

Junior high uniforms are popular too
The white socks are distinct

However, high school uniforms are definitely cute
There's a variety of patterns
That's what the director and Mao-san say!!

Thank you for the heart-warming comments everyone

(Entry by Mao's Manager)

Mao looks best in that Eitoku Gakuen uniform :)

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