Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Behind the scenes shots - Let's Dancing !

They wrapped up filming today. It's a little depressing ~sniff. So let's dancing.

Let’s Dancing 4

Let’s Dancing 1

Dorm 1 Kitahanada and the Grease-y feelin do


Let’s Dancing 2

Dorm 3 Yao and Aura Boy Kayashima


Speaking of auras, look what hangin out with Kayashima did to Komari heh heh

Let’s Dancing 3

Dorm 3 Yao and Dorm 1 Kitahanada I think

I would love to find Nakao off-screen with his tutu. But I guess he's also kept under close wraps. So here's just some caps off the unforgettable tutu dance with Nanba-senpai which should have won them the Best Couple Award !

Nakao Nanba 1Nakao Nanba 2

Nakao Nanba 3

And this is what Nakao is like in real life, at a recent shoot for Waruboro, a movie he's in, just out a few days ago.




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