Friday, November 14, 2008

Aura #131108


13th November 2008
Exhausted from training
Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ I took part in training with the Rescue team today !! I watched the trainees practicing 'live' for the first time today !! Looked terribly painful... so much energy... everyone watching the practice session was mute in amazement... all those trainees, for the sake of other people... they really conveyed to us the desire to rescue people !! Right before our eyes, they're pushed to the limits of their physical strength. You understand why the instructors have to be as strict as they are but they push the cadets so relentlessly. They're made to realize where their own limits are so that they can grow. Within the harshness though, you can feel the love. From now on, this is the emotion I will evoke together with my fellow comrades as we rescue people, this scene!!
For me...I can't say how many times during the training that I got this feeling and having seen this before my very eyes, I want to convey to everyone that weight of how important rescuing is during the drama. I strongly believe in bringing that message across !! A drama on an occupation that seriously affects lives... it cannot be taken lightly.

Tomorrow too, work first thing in the morning (^O^)/ I'll do my best (^O^)/





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