Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Aura #120508


12th May 2008
Mental Metamorphosis
I'm back !!
Yesterday I braced myself for the end of my first vacation in a long time !! I enjoyed myself fully in my hometown and had a good time (^O^)/ I can feel the support from my friends, my family and the fans. To my friends, I'm not the Yamamoto Yusuke who has become a tv personality, they still see me as the Yamamoto Yusuke from Toyokawa !! Everyone too has not changed... that's a great thing ne. Playing and having fun together with them makes me unbearably, unbearably happy !!

Also, on this occasion, I'd like to make an apology. This is for my family, forgive me for my selfishness !! As I expected, when I'm home after such a long while, I unintentionally fawn for more attention ne. I asked for a lot during this vacation and received them all ↓↓ I'll reflect on it !!

I want to say thank you to the fans !! When I returned to my hometown, everyone from small elementary school kids to grandmothers told me "Do your best" when they met me. With those words, how far would I be able to persist on... thank you very much !!

From tomorrow onwards, I will do my best with this mental metamorphosis (^O^)/


A little sluggish in posting lately. It's so frickin hot here I can hardly sit and type for 10 minutes before a pool forms at my feet. Maybe if I go through this mental thing he does, it'll help.




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