Sunday, October 11, 2009

Celebrity Sightings
Volume 214

★ Kagami Seira & Yamashita Tomohisa @ a Roppongi club
Yamashita Tomohisa-san came to Kamagi Seira's live performance! Yamashita-san was in the VIP Room. It looked like he was keeping it on the down low. - Male,24

★ Mukai Osamu & Horikita Maki @ a cafe in Daikanyama
I saw Mukai Osamu-kun and Horikita Maki-chan at a cafe in Daikanyama! They were talking about cooking! They looked like they were having fun. - Female,18

★ Nakamura Shido & Kuroki Meisa @ a famous soba shop in Okinawa
I saw Nakamura Shido x Kuroki Meisa at a famous soba shop in Okinawa! Nakamura Shido really stood out with his shaved head!! - Female,31

★ Akanishi Jin @ Fuji-Q Highland
I saw Akanishi Jin-kun at Fuji-Q Highland! He was with some foreigners. He had an aura about him, he's so cool! - Female,29

★ Amuro Namie @ bullet train from Morioka
We were riding together in the train from North-East. I was from her concert in Morioka, it was fantastic♪ Her face was as small as a soft drink can. - Female,23

Oda Yuji & Watanabe Ikkei @ Fukuyama Masaharu's concert
Oda Yuji-san and Watanabe Ikkei-san were at Fukuyama Masaharu's concert in Yoyogi Stadium. They looked like they were enjoying the music. - Female,36

Nakayama Yuma @ Kyocera Dome
I saw Nakayama Yuma-kun on the last day of Arashi's concert at Kyocera Dome!! I was so lucky!! He was dressed normally and looked so cool☆ - Female,13

Nakajima Kento @ Tokyo Station
He smiled and shook hands with me. Although we're the same age, he thanked me for my support. He just spontaneously said things like he hoped to meet again. - Female,15

Kamiji Yusuke & Suzanne @ Roppongi late at night
I saw Kamiji-kun and Suzanne-chan at Roppongi late at night. Kamiji-kun was patting her head! - Female,21

Murakami Shingo & Toda Erika @ Okinawa
A friend spotted the two of them while she was on holiday in Okinawa. Seemed like they were enjoying themselves! - Female,22

Yamada Ryosuke @ a local festival
Yamada Ryosuke-kun was at a local festival with his family!! - Female,15

Taguchi Junnosuke @ Picasso Sangenjaya
I saw Taguchi Junnosuke-san from KAT-TUN at Picasso Sangenjaya. He's really tall. - Female,28

Nakamura Shichinosuke @ Arashi's national concert
I saw Nakamura Shichinosuke-kun at Arashi's national concert! He was with a few friends. He made eye contact with MatsuJun and was dancing merrily. - Female,27

Fujimoto Toshifumi & Kinoshita Yukina @ Shibuya 109
I saw Fujimoto and Kinoshita shopping holding hands at Shibuya 109! Yukina was really cute. - Female,29

Masuda Takahisa & Nakamaru Yuichi in front of Shinjuku Odakyu Station
I saw Masuda from NEWS and Nakamura from KAT-TUN with a woman who looked like a manager with them. I was surprised seeing them just walking around normally. - Female,20

Matsuoka Mitsuru & Kurosawa Yuu @ Kohoku IKEA
I saw Matsuoka Mitsuru and Kurosawa Yuu at IKEA in Kohoku!! Matsuoka-kun was rubbing Yuu-chan's lower back and they looked so lovey-dovey!! Their kid was also very cute!! - Female,21

★ Matsuyama Kenichi @ an alley in Kitasenju
I saw Matsuyama Kenichi-san at an alley in Kitasenju. He was filming. He has a small face and looked so stylish. - Female,16

Miyazawa Rie @ a hospital
She got down from a Benz driven by a slightly older person. She entered the hospital while I was on my way out. - Female,34

Yamada Maiko & Segawa Ryo @ a cinema
I saw Yamada Maiko-san and Segawa Ryo-san at a cinema. They looked like they were getting along well! - Female,38

Yokoyama Yu @ Shibuya's crossing
I saw Yokoyama from Kanjani8 at Shibuya with a short girl. He was laughing all the way. - Female,23

TSUTAYA Celebrity Sightings


On Sunday, October 11, 2009 4:19:00 AM, Blogger GrumpyGeek wrote...

Ok I can't take that last sighting.
'with a short girl. laughing all the way.'

It's like Santa laughing with an elf.


On Sunday, October 11, 2009 5:23:00 AM, Anonymous kate wrote...

thank you~! Nakajima Kento, wow!! that's like the perfect scenario, of meeting a star. he's so friendly!! the 2nd cutest guy f/BI shadow. heeeeee. :P


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