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Celebrities who look good in swimwear

Celebrities who look good in swimwear
16th July 2009

Summer is the season when you yearn to jump into the blue sea under the dazzling sun with the scent of sea breeze drifting in the air. With this in mind, Oricon conducted a survey of "Celebrities who look good in swimwear" among men and women in their teens and 20s.

First in the men's category is Hayami Mokomichi. With his tight athletic body, men especially voiced their envy with comments like,"He really cuts a stylish figure when he has swimwear on." Second is Sakaguchi Kenji. "His tanned, beautiful skin is suited to swimwear." Third is comedian Kajima Yoshio, who more often than not appears only with his trademark trunks on.

Men's Category
1. Hayami Mokomichi
2. Sakaguchi Kenji
3. Kajima Yoshio
4. Ichihara Hayato
5. Mizushima Hiro
6. Kimura Takuya
7. Koike Teppei
8. Tamaki Hiroshi
9. Narimiya Hiroki
10. Yamashita Tomohisa

Participants : Men and women, teens and 20s, 800 total
Survey Period : 16th June 2009 ~ 19th June 2009
Method : Internet survey

Women's Category
1. Hoshino Aki
2. Minami Akina
3. Ebihara Yuri
4. Kinoshita Yukina
5. Asao Miwa
6. Hamasaki Ayumi
7. Nagasawa Masami
8. Kumada Youko
9. Ayase Haruka
10. Becky



If it was celebrities in their undies, Narimiya would reign supreme.

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