Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Episode 1 Game End〜☆

14th July 2009 (Tuesday)

Hello, niku here.
Everyone, thanks for watching yesterday.
I read all your kind words one by one.
It's going to get more interesting from now on, so please watch every week ne.
If possible, please tell that to those around you who have not seen it too (*laugh*)

By the way, you can get the basketball bun that Mizobata-kun ate in Episode 1, the T-shirts the fans had on during the game, the towel, stick balloon and JC ARCS keychain in Lawson.
If you get it, eat it during Episode 2? Wear it? Cheer us on together? Who knows, it might be more enjoyable.

You can get the A-kun that Naoki had as his standby screen at the mobile site, so why not everyone give A-kun a try too?
By the way, A-kun is on my standby screen too (*laugh*)

It's been awhile, so now a photo.

It's the park where Naoki and Riko met ♥♥

Well then, see you.


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