Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

9 July 2009
Preview Screening

Good evening! !

There was a preview for Buzzer Beat today (^O^)

It was also my first time watching it. When asked for my impression, I said that it really felt like a Getsu 9 drama (>_<)

It's glittering ↑ [laugh]

I think it's a fitting youth love story for this summer o(^-^)o

My role is the one from the bottom of the rung!

Perhaps there's something cunning about his character?

I want everyone to quickly watch it too (*^o^*)

Look forward to it on Monday!

His management think it's wise to make fans pay for his blog entries. He's a rising star whose name is not exactly established yet, and his fans in 2ch are saying well they're not gonna pay - there are other blogs to read.
His blog is free publicity, much drama promotion and buzz (pun intended!) reach the masses throught it. I guess it's sayonara to his blog, but I'll still do translations if I see any interesting news on Pei-chan.


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