Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tamaki Hiroshi "It was really enjoyable"
CM collaboration with photographer Nobuyoshi Araki

11 September 2009

The new CM for Mister Donut is a collaboration between actor Tamaki Hiroshi (29) and photographer Nobuyoshi Araki (69). It will be aired from the 14th onwards.

In the CM, Tamaki promotes the 'Rich Doughnut Chocolate' and 'MisDo Premium Hot Cafe Au Lait'. While Tamaki tastes both items, Araki works the camera for a collection of photographs. During photography, Araki gave quick instructions, heightening Tamaki's tension, who "enjoyed" the session. Araki was full of praise, "Tamaki-san was very perceptive ne."

Click above to watch 'the making' video.

Doughnuts look so complicated these days.
I just love the simple sugar ones :)


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