Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Thank You

6th September 2009 23:46

Yesterday and today
At the Rihga Royal Hotel
The birthday event
It's over

For so many people
To celebrate my 27th birthday

I was really happy

"You make me energetic"
That's what you said to me, but

For myself, as an actor
What has made me last this far
Is because of everyone

I get my strength from all of you

At this party
I saw all the faces
I think about it once more

At the event
I made mistakes playing the piano
But I really enjoyed it

Maybe sometime in the future
I'll put up another piano performance
I'll think about it

Thank you very much

Also for those who were not able to attend the event

Thank you

From here on onwards too, Narimiya Hiroki
Please treat me well

Narimiya Hiroki

9 September 2009 17:58


It's daily filming
Going to and fro the same studio and house

The scenery doesn't change
I'm quite tired of it already [laugh]

However, I get this nervous feeling at the scene
It's fun

One scene, one cut
It's usually not more than 5 minutes

Feels like a stage play

Anxiously wait to see who makes a mistake
Even if there's a mistake,
seems like filming continues

This filming style is rare

I want the viewers to be able to watch it soon

The ban was lifted yesterday
I'll be making an appearance in the first episode of the Getsu 9 Drama

Filming has not yet begun but...
It's been a while since I've met Hiro
I look forward to it

This has been Narimiya.

Narimiya Hiroki is making a guest appearance in the first episode of TOKYO DOGS.
Can you hear me rejoicing?!

Shun, Narimiya & Hiro!!! I faint, I faint!!!! I love, love, and love <3
Bring on the Tokyo Dogs!!!

Here's some Hiroki & Hiro love:

And lastly, on turning 27 on 14.9.09, Happy Birthday :)

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On Tuesday, September 15, 2009 8:50:00 AM, OpenID mokyulpwns wrote...

Shun, Narimiya & Hiro.

Not really a big fan of them. But I do wanna see Tokyo Dogs. That drama sounds awesome <3333

I think I'm in love with Shun's short hair XD


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