Thursday, March 11, 2010

Darren Shan Japan Premiere

Chris Massoglia and Yamamoto Yusuke were in Tokyo on 9th March for the Japan premiere of Darren Shan. Chris Massoglia plays the main character in the movie (also known as Cirque du dreak : The Vampire's Assistant) adapted from a series of books by Darren Shan. Yamamoto Yusuke voices his character in the Japanese dub.

Chris arrived in Japan on the 1st and has been touring for the local movie campaign. He had been to Sapporo, Sendai, Fukuoka and Hiroshima and was joined by Yamamoto in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. Asked about his favourite food in the cities he had visited, he replied,"I tried the specialty of each city and the one I like most is shabu-shabu." Yamamoto said,"I ate with Chris in Nagoya. We had miso katsu, kishimen and tenmusu."

Yamamoto who had never done voice work before commented,"It's different from movies and stage work so I was not sure how to prepare for it. It went surprisingly smoothly though. The recording was planned for a week but was done in 3 days." The most difficult scene? "A scene where he was devouring meat from the fridge."

With 14th March coming in a few days, the MC asked the two guys. "If you were to invite a girl out for a date to watch this movie on White Day, what would you say?" Yamamoto was slightly taken aback and asked laughing,"What's with that? Well I guess... I'm doing the voice work for this movie, wanna watch it together?" And Chris? "This guy I know, Yamamoto Yusuke, is in the movie. Wanna see it together?"

Still on the topic of White Day, Yamamoto said,"I didn't receive any chocolates this year. I did receive some from fans but none in my personal life. I live far from my family too so... I don't have anything special planned. Pretty boring." White Day is something new to Chris. "There's no White Day in America. Only Valentine's Day. Both guys and girls give and receive presents, a day you spend with someone special."

The audience received an early White Day present from the two of them at the end of the premiere, an original Darren Shan cookie with a message. Darren Shan opens nationwide on 19th March.


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Yamamoto Yusuke voices for Cirque du Freak

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