Thursday, March 11, 2010

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11th March 2010 00:49

Yesterday during interval between filming
I went shopping at GIVENCHY

At the S/S show,
I thought that Givenchy
had the coolest look this season

Items like t-shirt with star studs,
T-shirt with prints, and

Because there wasn't much time to shop
I was making quite a fuss
I troubled the salesperson
with many questions

The t-shirts that I buy
They usually shrink after washing

When you like a shirt
Then it shrinks
Makes you wanna cry right?

This time, a little bit bigger!

It was cold in Tokyo yesterday, with the rain falling
The worst was when it snowed in the evening...
But thanks to G, it was a good day!

By the way... my cap is G too

Thank you! G!! [laugh]

This has been Narimiya.


9th March 2010 15:27


Yesterday was my last filming
for 'Bloody Monday'!

Working in the series
and having to part with great staff
It was really sad

Filming for the last scene yesterday
There was a battle in the cold sunset [difficult]

How will the ending be for J?
Please watch the drama

To warm up the cold body,
I went to a ramen shop

Because it was ALL UP for me... 2 eggs!

With both my stomach and heart happy
I went home

Because it's cold today
Keep yourselves warm~

This has been Narimiya.

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On Saturday, March 13, 2010 3:38:00 AM, Anonymous silencio88 wrote...

Wah, Narimiya likes designer stuff so much, eh? Makes me wonder how much he earns...

And I can't wait to see how his character progresses in Bloody Monday! I hope they don't kill him off. T_T


On Saturday, March 13, 2010 2:42:00 PM, Blogger grumpy wrote...

Yeah he shops for fun at designer boutiques (>8<)

BM2 has been quite a disappointment. He's just lying there on the bed forever :(


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