Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yamamoto Yusuke voices for Cirque du Freak

Yamamoto Yusuke (22) was at mediarte Tomigaya Studio on the 26th for the Japanese dub of the movie 'Darren Shan' (Japan title release for Cirque du Freak). Yamamoto does the voice for the main character Darren Shan.

This is his first time doing voice work and he talks about some of the difficulties he faced. "It's not something I acted in myself, so it felt difficult to match the action with my voice." Feeling nervous about the challenge ahead of him, he prepared himself beforehand. "Locking myself at home, I watched the movie 6 times. I forced myself to memorize all the lines. Later the staff told me that it was the first time they have worked with someone with such impeccable timing. I was so happy!"

Watanabe Ken (50) appears in the Hollywood production and the actor himself did the voice work for his role in the Japanese dub. Yamamoto recalled his anticipation to work with the experienced actor. "I thought that all the actors come together to do the dub work and I was looking forward to meeting Ken-san. But when I got there the staff told me that everyone else was done already," he said laughing, revealing his inexperience at voice work. "I hope to meet him at upcoming events and have a chat. I want to hear about his experiences."

'Darren Shan' opens in Toho Cinemas nationwide on 19th March.


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