Monday, August 24, 2009

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Episode 7~☆

24th August 2009 (Monday)

Hello niku here

Finally Episode 7 ne
Heart is going pitter-patter ne... ♥

Kitagawa Keiko-san's 23rd birthday was on the 22nd
We had a day off on the day itself, so we celebrated on the 23rd

Unusual but there was a scene involving the 3 of them, with Aibu-san and Kanjiya-san so she had her birthday surrounded by the girls

There's a scene of Riko's birthday in Episode 7 too ♪
It's as if it's fated ♥

Look forward to the Episode 7 Special with 15 minutes extra

Well then, see you

Kitagawa Keiko "I want to devote myself to work this year"
24th August 2009

Heroine of Fuji TV's drama Buzzer Beat ~ Gakeppuchi no Hero (Mondays at 9) actress Kitagawa Keiko (23) celebreated her 23rd birthday on the 22nd. Co-stars Aibu Saki (24) and Kanjiya Shihori (23) had a birthday surprise for her on the 23rd. "The two of them also gave me individual presents,"she said happily. "Anyway, this year, I will give it my all and devote myself to work."


For Monday~?
22nd August 2009 (Saturday)

Hello niku here

Influenza is spreading, is everyone alright?
Everyone in the cast and staff are doing well now

Well, for the 24th (Monday)...
5:25~ 8:00 [Mezamashi TV] Handmade Album Project with Mizobata-kun
15:00~15:57 channel a [Iyoiyo Kouhansen Totsunyuu! Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi no Hero Just before Episode 7 Special]
16:53~19:00 [Super News] Total coverage Mizobata-kun
21:00~22:09 Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi no Hero Episode 7, 15 minutes extra SP]

Look forward to Episode 7, 15 minutes extra Special, there's lots in store

Well then, see you

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What happened to the Ballet Prince?


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