Friday, July 10, 2009

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
Preview Screening

Boki no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu Preview Screening (Monitor)
Date: 20th July
Open : 11:30 / Screening begins : 12:00
Open : 14:30 / Screening begins : 15:00
※ Running time : 2 hours 2 minutes

Place : Toho Preview Room

Available : 20 pairs of tickets for each screening (Women Only)

Deadline : 16th July (Thursday) Noon

・Women only (Your companion must also be female)
・Please complete a questionnaire after the movie. Thoughts and impressions might be used in future publicity works.
・If asked, please give your impressions of the movie after it ends.
・No admission after screening begins.
・No video recording, photography etc allowed during screening.
・Travelling expenses not covered.


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On Saturday, July 11, 2009 5:30:00 AM, Anonymous atskv9 wrote...

What?! Women only?! Are they saying men won't enjoy such a film? :'(
Lol, Ok maybe I overreacted and yes, it seems likely this film is aimed mostly as women. Gotta please the women first before you can please the men, right? :D


On Saturday, July 11, 2009 5:57:00 AM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

I think they'll be watching the women closely and tweak the film if not enough tears are shed



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