Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buzzer Beat
Cast Preview Impressions

Cast members share their thoughts with the audience after preview on 9th July:

Yamashita Tomohisa
(Knowing that not only locals, but foreigners are also among the audience)
Many people came today, even from far away, thank you very much.
Watching the drama, for me personally too, it was interesting.
Although I have been given the lead role, this work is the endeavor of everyone, the cast, staff, and director.
With everybody making a serious effort to make a great production, even when filming is difficult, I want to give it my best.

Kitagawa Keiko
I enjoyed watching it as part of an audience too.
Letting everyone watch the first episode was nerve-racking and I was very conscious of being evaluated.
Hearing laughter and cheers soon after made me glad.
I'll be happy if everyone watching here tells everyone else how interesting it was.

Aibu Saki
The basketball game was time-consuming during filming.
It was an emotionally-packed scene and I was moved hearing everyone's cheers from the stands.
Look forward to my role in a romance that slowly grows muddy, pure love as it may be (*laugh*)

Kanjiya Shihori
It was fun watching it together with everyone. Thank you very much.

Mizobata Junpei
Cool, charming, interesting, sparkling, heart-pounding, it's packed with interesting elements, I want to know what happens next! Kitagawa-san's slap in the face was something else (*laugh*)

Nagai Masaru
I'm happy being able to share the drama with everyone.
It's been a while, Getsu 9 has returned! This is what the drama feels like. Will definitely watch its continuation.

Ito Hideaki
(Imitating Yamashita's and Nagai's comments)
It was interesting for me personally too. Feels like Getsu 9 has returned.
I think this will be another great Getsu 9 drama under Director Nagayama.
For so many people attending today, coming from far away, thank you very much.


Buzzer Beat Basketball Bun. Yummy.

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