Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

8 July 2009
Rainy season ↓

Good evening! !

Today too, I was filming for Buzzer Beat (^O^)

Today was kinda humid ne? When will this rainy season pass?

Since when did I dislike the rain so much?

It's part of the lyrics from HY's 'Suteki na Kikkake' (^O^)

It's exactly how I feel right now o(^-^)o

The song is positive and energetic! It's great, so take a listen (*^o^*)

I'll be making an appearance on 'Haneru no Tobira', please watch it (>_<)

I played a bit of basketball ↑↑

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Junpei made a 10-minute appearance where he ate lots of stuff. He picked the most delicious dish, and the one who cooked it (I think) fed him a spoonful of the food. He looked like he wanted to run away from the lady, lol.

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