Thursday, July 09, 2009

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8th July 2009 (Wednesday)

Nice to meet you.
Niku, the assistant producer here.
I'll try my best to update 'JC ARCS Communication' from now on, yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Well, it's been about a month since filming started.
It could be felt yesterday too, at the Drama Festival, how well everyone is getting along with each other, making the filming location a fun one.
Even when the schedule is tight, everyone can persevere when filming locations are filled with laughter ne...

Too bad about the Drama Festival but everyone looked like they were having fun.
Free throw, although most didn't go in, Nagai-kun saying,"Please watch Buzzer Beat," that was pretty good... (*laugh*)
Even though they were being made fun of by Osugi-san, it was cute how Ito-san and Mizobata-kun were able to answer properly... (*Laugh*)
"We'll do our best for the staff," said Yamashita-kun. With those feelings, the money doesn't matter... (*laugh*)

For 3 months, all the way to the end, this member feels like she can do her best~ (*laugh*)

There'll be a complete preview event tomorrow.
Actually, I haven't seen the completed version myself, I think I'll watch it with everyone else who are attending.
It might appear on Super News, so please check.

Well then, see you.

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16:53 to 19:00

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