Friday, October 21, 2011

Kitagawa Yuujin and Takashima Aya are married

Kitagawa Yuujin (34) from the duo Yuzu and announcer Takashima Aya (32), also known as Ayapan, sent a fax to the media on 20th October to announce their marriage. On the same day, the marriage ceremony took place at Misogi Shrine in Yamanashi. They registered their marriage in Yokohama. In the fax, they stated that they met about 6 years ago and although they were busy with work, they were able to maintain their relationship with the help of their staff and the people around them. Takashima will continue working after marriage. They plan to hold a wedding reception in Yokohoma next February. The other half of Yuzu, Iwasawa Kouji (34) got married to a non-celebrity in September.



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