Monday, September 26, 2011

Ikemen Spotlight
Tomimori Justin & Tomimori Andrew


Name : 冨森ジャスティン Tomimori Justin
Nickname : Jus
Birthdate : 27 June 1989
Height : 183cm
Weight : 68kg
Blood Type : O
Birthplace : Saitama
Hobby : Watching movies
Special Skill : Guitar
Talent Agency : CUBE. Inc.
Blog : Just in my life

Tomimori Justin is a Japanese Australian hafu. He models for POPEYE magazine, appeared in episodes 1 to 4 in Room of King and is currently (from 4th September 2011, every Sunday 8:00 to 8:30am) in Kamen Rider Fourze airing on TV Asahi as Daimonji Shun, the captain of the football team. He has a younger brother, Tomimori Andrew, who he has acted with as the 'twin ikemen half manzai' on Warau Shinsengumi on TV Asahi.

In 2006, while playing under Omiya Ardija club, Andrew represented Japan in the U-15 international soccer tournament held in Brazil. He was among the top 30 in the 21st JUNON Superboy Contest and was in the Gokusen movie.

Name : 冨森アンドリュー Tomimori Andrew
Birthdate : 3 April 1991
Height : 180cm
Weight : 69kg
Blood Type : A
Birthplace : Saitama
Hobby : Watching movies
Special Skill : Soccer
Talent Agency : CUBE. Inc.

Justin and Andrew representing the POPEYE boys in POPEYE x BEAMS 35th project

Looking good in suits


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