Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sawajiri Erika takes to the stage after long absence

On 28th September, Sawajiri Erika took to the stage for the new product launch of hair care brand syoss. It has been about 7 months since she last made a public appearance on stage. Asked about what work she has lined up next, she replied,"Right now, the details are... There has been some talks but I think it will be revealed in time. Please stay tuned."

syoss touts itself as a salon quality brand specializing in professional prescription shampoo, conditioner and treatment products. This autumn, it is launching three new category of products; leave-in treatment, styling products and hair colouring.

During a talk session with her CM co-star, hair salon asia representative Tokieda Hiroaki, Sawajiri said,"My hair became soft. The results are visible with everyday use, I was really surprised." About the CM shoot take took place in Prague, Tokieda said,"Erika really takes care of herself. She watches what she eats." Sawajiri replied,"The catering in Prague was always substantial food like meat. I was careful about it as it makes me sluggish but my manager put on quite a bit of weight."

Sawajiri also showed off her fluency in English when interacting with the foreign staff. In regards to the professional hair care she is touting now, she was asked about her professionalism as an actress. "Having an on off switch between work and personal life affects your next job. Refreshing my personal life is always important to me."

During the photo shoot, reporters asked her about her divorce with Takashiro Tsuyoshi but Sawajiri kept silent.

The 'styling series' CM will start airing on 21st October while the 'leave-in treatment series' CM will start airing on 11th November.



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