Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fujiwara Norika returns from holiday with boyfriend

Actress Fujiwara Norika (40) who is dating Inui Makio (43), a managing director at UBS, returned from their Tahiti trip and landed in Narita at around noon on 10th October. They had left for their holiday on the 3rd. Reporters swarmed around Fujiwara as he trailed about 10 metres behind her. A tabloid magazine recently reported that he had bought an engagement ring and proposed to her. When reporters asked her about it, she replied,"I didn't get a ring or a proposal. The article surprised me." Asked about remarrying, she said,"Not yet. We're both adults so we'll take it slowly." Reporters then asked Inui, who was wearing matching bracelets with Fujiwara, if he had proposed or bought her a ring to which he replied cheerfully,"Sorry, not yet."

According to Wikipedia, Inui Makio is a Japanese-Irish American half and considers himself a native English speaker. He is a law graduate from Sophia University.


Hot oyaji (ヘ。ヘ) There has been some rumours on the net that when his name came out in connection with Fujiwara, he is mentioned as 'that iPhone guy', the big miss analyst. During an interview with web magazine ITpro in 2008, he said that he didn't think the iPhone would sell well and sell at most a million units but it ended up a big hit and sold over 7 milion units. In 2009, in an interview with the same magazine, he said that the Android OS will definitely not do well in Japan but that didn't turn out as he thought either as it is used widely now. There's a 2007 English article here where he talks about the iPhone.



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