Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Which celebrity is most suited to coffee?

To commemorate Coffee Day on 1st October, coffee chain Doutor Coffee Shop carried out an online survey to ask which celebrity is most suited to coffee. In the free response survey, Tamura Masakazu emerged tops with 5.9% of the total votes. He is followed by Karasawa Toshiaki (4.8%), Osawa Takao (3.4%), Fukuyama Masaharu (3.3%) and Abe Hiroshi (3.2%). Other questions in the survey are below.

Choice of drink in autumn as you are reading
1. Coffee 50.0%
2. Black tea 26.3%
3. Green tea 10.2%
4. Sake 4.3%
5. Soft drinks 3.8%

Choice of drink as you listen to music
1. Coffee 48.6%
2. Black tea 17.7%
3. Sake 13.1%
4. Soft drinks 7.4%
5. Carbonated drinks 5.7%

(Soft drinks in Japan refer to drinks without alcohol or contain very little alcohol)

Method : Internet survey
Respondents : 1000 (125 male and female for each age category 18~29, 30~39, 40~49 and 50~59)
Survey period : 9th September 2011 to 12th September 2011



I love coffee, but nothing can top a daily fix of teh tarik (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) For those of you who don't know about this magic elixir, it's like a more concentrated version of royal milk tea.


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