Sunday, August 07, 2011

Ikemen Desu Ne
Interview: Takimoto Miori

What were your thoughts when you were told that you had clinched this role?
Honestly, at that very moment, I was thinking "Oh no! Do I have to cut my hair?". But I also felt that I'd be able to face the challenge with a fresh outlook if I did cut my hair. Now I believe it was a good decision.

Did you watch the original 'Ikemen Desu Ne'?
I did, and I became a fan of it!
The original is very popular, so the pressure's there. But I'm not too shaken up by it, I'll do the best that I can.

As a fan of the original, which parts did you enjoy most?
In the original, I thought Go Mi Nam's fantasy scenes were really amusing, now I'm having fun playing them out too. I'm trying my best to make people laugh!
And the gap that Park Shin Hye-san showed when she's acting as a cool boy, then as a pretty girl, that was really great, and I strive for my character to be the same way.

The change in hairstyle...
36cm was cut off, but I'm already getting used to it. (She had her hair cut on this interview day.)
It's the first time colouring my hair. It was never dyed because of school...
It's been 2 to 3 years since I last had a short hairstyle, but never this short, it feels refreshing!

Your impressions of the 3 ikemens?
Yaotome-kun is really suited to be Jeremy (Yuki). When I saw him with blonde hair, I though, "Ah. Jeremy!".
He's got a great smile, and that double-tooth, so it's perfect for the role.
Tamamori-kun had a weird facial expression during the initial introductions, and it was terrible [laugh], but I thought he was a real ikemen when he was not trying to be one.
Fujigaya-kun is just like Shin Woo-san (Shu).
He seems to be a gentle guy even in private, he said "I'll become one with this role." So I'm looking forward to that [laugh].

If you were pursued by these 3 guys, what would you do?
Oh what do I do~. Even though she didn't realize it, there were moments when Go Mi Nam were with each of the 3 guys. So I'd go out with each one too, then make my decision [laugh].
(That's the most despicable way!)

Among the 3 original characters, which one was your type?
In the beginning, I was in the Shin Woo club. He's so kind, and when he was given the cold shoulder, I couldn't help but watch in tears.
But in the end, it's Tae Kyung-san (Ren) after all!!
(Jeremy's not even there [laugh])
Of course, I like Jeremy too!!

Please let us know the theme for Takimoto-san in 'Ikemen Desu Ne'.
The theme is 'cool and cute'. It will be a 'cool and cute' Sakuraba.
It's quite unbelievable for a girl to pretend being a boy, but I'd like everyone to watch it and think "Ah... this kinda guy should exist." Look forward to it.


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