Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shinagawa Daichi Blog
Staff Diary 13

20th May 2010 15:45

What do we have here...

It's really
for work

in anan which will be on sale 16 June
Please take a look.

It'll be great.

●Shinagawa Daichi Staff●

Staff Diary 12
20th May 2010 13:57

It's raining
today in Tokyo

No YanMega filming.

It's a day off for Shinagawa
But Narimiya's working


There's work

You probably won't get to see it
But he is working [laugh]

More details
coming up.

●Shinagawa Daichi Staff●

Overnight Stay
17th May 2010 19:29

For today's filming...
I'm in Yugawara

I went to the waterfall

I rang a bell on a hill

I got into the bath

Quite an active day

Despite this being an overnight stay,
I only brought my pants and PC
as I overslept this morning

Because this is a rustic and lovely ryokan
There's no internet connection


Well it can't be helped!!

This has been Shinagawa Daichi.

Busy Searching
18th May 2010 17:13

It's the 2nd day in Yugawara

was the overnight

I entered the bath
Feeling slightly tipsy
I didn't notice any ghosts...

I felt refreshed in the morning

But staying all alone
in a ryokan
Can be quite scary~

All the while
I forgot that I was actually in a ryokan
Suddenly though it came to me

The staff asked me
"Did you go out yesterday?"
But I was really fast asleep

Or maybe
It's just that the ryokan was so wonderful

I found these at the ryokan

I really miss these

"Where's Wally"

I love them

I used to have the whole volume
I wonder where they are now

Without delay
We searched for Wally together

Hana-chan is really quick
Somehow Izumi is always last

It's like the opposite
from the drama

We're all getting along well
during filming~

This has been Shinagawa Daichi.

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On Sunday, July 25, 2010 4:02:00 PM, Anonymous josephine wrote...

'Hana-chan is really quick
Somehow Izumi is always last

It's like the opposite
from the drama'


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