Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keitai Diet for Horikita Maki

19th May 2010

On 18th May, Horikita Maki unveiled NTT DoCoMo's new service, the 'i Bodymo' which touts a healthy lifestyle through using a mobile phone. Among other features, entering data into the phone enables you to check if your calorie intake is balanced. "By keying in what you eat, you can control your diet. It will tell you what nutrients you lack and prove to be useful in managing your health daily," said Horikita. 'i Bodymo' also has a 'Motion Support' feature, which can record the number of steps taken as you walk or the distance you have jogged, enabling users to chart their daily physical activity. Okada Masaki also attended the presentation.

"What the heck am I promoting?"



On Thursday, May 20, 2010 10:22:00 AM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

WAHHH!!! Maki-chan so kawaii!! I don't think she needs to be reminded of her calories tho.XD

Anyway, Okada-kun look blur but really good looking *drool*


On Friday, May 21, 2010 1:58:00 AM, Blogger derangedpandabear wrote...

For a second there, i did a double take, and thought to myself, "is that really Maa-kun??? He looks soo different!!"
His trademark pout aint there! Just the other day, me and a friend were fangirling over Hana Kimi and Sekime's amazingly kissable mouth was (one of the MANY :D ) reasons!

But as always, unleash, thanks for the post. :)


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