Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Report 2

24th March 2010
Narimiya's Action Scene!

Hello everyone, this is Domo from the Web Staff!!
These days there's strong wind around the Kanto region, and heavy rain too. What about where you are? Are you doing well?

So, I've kept you waiting for Narimiya's filming report!
In the last report, it was about Narimiya's start of filming, the 'Junior High School scene'.

Tsuji guiding the action scenes!

Team GOCOO's Tsuji-san is in charge of the action scenes, Narimiya is coached for Daichi's movements♪
Which means... Team YanMega begins with an action scene!!

Director: When someone hits you, what do you say?
Narimiya: Something like this?

Narimiya having fun

Director: Yup yup. Try that.
Narimiya: Oriyaaaaaa~
Tsujii: That's a good feeling.
Director: Good good.
Narimiya: I'll do my best [laugh].
Narimiya memorizes his moves one at a time.

High kick!!!!

Team GOCOO and everyone were concerned, asking "Were you hit?", "Are you okay?".
Once filming began, the tempo was good and the moves were easily carried out...
"Very cool," the director said as Narimiya watched the monitor.

Amidst the intense action... a smiling Narimiya

Filming has just begun, but there's already a good atmosphere surrounding Team YanMega. From now onwards there'll be even more action, look forward to it!

Doing a monitor check.

Of course!!!
It's not only about the action.

It's also filled with funny scenes.

Everyone, look forward to it~♪

Dong Bang Shin Ki Toki wo Tomete (SINGLE+DVD, Japan Version)

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