Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Abandoning the "Good Guy"?
Mizobata Junpei tackles his first Delinquent Role in a Mobilephone Drama

20th January 2010

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The Bee TV mobile drama by AVEX and NTT Docomo 'Hidamari no Basho ~Hatsukoi~' stars Mizobata Junpei, who takes on his first delinquent role. Falling in love with Mizobata in the heroine role is young actress Renbutsu Misako. Broadcasts begin from 20th January onwards.

So far, Mizobata has been cast in the 'good guy' roles. It started from 'Akai Ito', then last year he was in 'BOSS' and 'Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero~'. This year, he will be in the movies 'Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu' and 'NECK'. He opens up about the challenges of being cast in a new 'bad boy' role.

Regarding his character, "He's different from the usual delinquent who likes to show-off. He doesn't feel like he belongs, but he's a young man with adult toughness with his group of friends. He's overflowing with vitality. Because there's nowhere to channel this energy, he ends up getting into fights and mischief. While playing this role, I thought that his awkwardness about not really fitting in, a trait that many youths face, should be portrayed."

Filming was completed last year in Kofu, Yamanashi. Commenting on the filming atmosphere, "There were many guys, everyday it was like being in a boys' school. They were reserved at first, there seemed to be a hierarchy-type of relationship, but once we got back to the hotel, all the guys got into the large public bath. Since then we've all loosened up. Chatting about mundane topics, and also about the drama, we had a good time," he recalls.

Youths with hearts engulfed in darkness, what will their response be? How will the fateful love end?

'Hidamari no Basho ~Hatsukoi~', begins airing on 20th January on BeeTV (5 mins x 24 episodes, new episode every Sunday).



Is that the coin of love? And what's with this pairing? Misako-chan was also his girlfriend in DIVE!!


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