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Mizobata Junpei and Aibu Saki to star in NECK

13th November 2009

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Aibu Saki and Mizobata Junpei will play the lead roles in 'NECK' which opens in summer 2010. Kuriyama Chiaki and Hiraoka Yuuta are also part of the cast. The original work by Maijou Outarou is of a new 'kyun' horror genre. Playing the part of an eccentric girl is Aibu Saki, "My hairstyle has gone for an image change. I'm not a fan of horror, but let's have fun together!"

The movie version differs from the stage version which starts in February 12 2010 in Tokyo's Aoyama amphitheatre. Mizobata's character in the movie version is unlike his stage one. While the movie and stage play share the same motif, their storylines are not the same.

And just because it's Junpei, grumpy forced me to pitch in and do a longer article. ~unleash

Aibu Saki and Mizobata Junpei star in 'kyun horror' movie!
13th November 2009

Aibu Saki and Mizobata Junpei will star in horror movie 'NECK' that will open next summer. It is based on novelist Maijou Outarou's original work. Maijou has written two works, one for the movie and another for a stage play, both with the same motif but completely different stories.

In the movie, university student Shuto (Mizobata) is called by the classmate he has a crush on Suginara (Aibu) to her laboratory. For some reason, there is a big wooden box there that if you climb into, will cause only the head to reappear. The story begins there. Others in the story include Suginara's childhood friend, popular novelist writer Matarou (Hiraoka Yuuta) and Matarou's editor played by Kuriyama Chiaki.

This is the first time that both Aibu and Mizobata will appear in a horror movie. Aibu who plays the eccentric girl involved in the research of making ghosts said,"I have a feeling that this is going to be an eerie movie but there will be 'kyun' moments too so it won't just be straight-up horror. There are many components to it. I hope to make a Suginara that the audience will laugh with and be afraid together with." Mizobata describes his character as 'a love-sick puppy being led around by Suginara'. "It's not just a simple horror movie, as the audience laughs and feels refreshed by this movie, I also want them to shiver in fear," Mizobata said.

Filming started on 3rd November and will end later this month. The stage play will start its run on 12th February at Aoyama Theatre. Mizobata will appear in the theater production as well but with a different role. Others in the cast are Itao Itsuji, and TEAM NACS's Suzuki Kousuke and Morisaki Hiroyuki.

Thanks unleash! I got confused reading the articles.
Neck, ghost, box, lab...
2 movies out for for Junpei (aka Face of the Year and Rookie of the Year) in 2010!!


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