Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bloody Monday 2
Report #03

Poster Photography!

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Have you seen the 'Bloody Monday' posters around Tokyo? Today I'll tell you about the secret story behind the visual poster which you can find at the top page of this official site.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!" said the cheerful Miura Haruma-kun who plays Fujimaru as he walks into the Tokyo studio. At that time he was still in 'samurai' mode [laugh], but with the publicity department playing the 'Bloody Monday' main theme song...!? "Ah, listening to this music, there's that feeling that once again Bloody Monday is going to begin. Tension rises ne!!" was his delightful grinning response. The one in charge of photography was the same photographer as before, Leslie Kee. "Ah, pulling the chin back makes it Fujimaru-like ne?" the staff commented. Producer, costume staff, those in charge of hair and make-up... Surrounded by familiar staff, slowly Miura-kun regained the 'Fujimaru' feeling.

Miura-kun and Leslie share the same birthdate, April 5. Leslie remembered this, "Haruma and I, we have the same birthday ne. But I'm about twice your age [laugh]," he said with a bitter smile. The fact that they share the same birthday was a coincidence. Through that simple conversation, photography was comfortable and continued smoothly. Compared to before, Haruma-kun understood the directions given easily. It's clear that he has become more adult-like and sexy!!

Then rushing into the studio in a kimono was Satoh Takeru-kun, who had just ended filming a drama with another network. Continuing from Season 1 as Fujimaru's close friend is Satoh-kun who plays Otoya. Looking at his clothes... it's still the argyle pattern!! In Season 1, Otoya wore argyle sweater. It seems that Otoya doesn't have a firm grip on fashion [laugh]. After taking solo shots, Miura-kun and Satoh-kun took photos together. Leslie went "One, two, go!". Their image was of Fujimaru and Otoya standing up against terrorism in Japan! It's been a while since they met each other, and they were happy to be here. During the interval,"Basking in the sun Cat" (!?). It was the fun and playful 'HaruTake' combination, but once the camera started clicking they were very, very manly and cool~!

A fan was used for the photoshoot. Miura-kun was having fun as the wind blew at him, "Uwaa, the hairdo's like a regent style! Maybe I can be in 'ROOKIES'!?" [laugh]. In contrast, that wind was tormenting Satoh-kun. He had dry eyes which made it painful. The staff encouraged him "Hold on! Open your eyes for just a bit more." Once the photoshoot ended, he didn't let go of the eyedrops. Poor Satoh Takeru-kun...

Once again, Kichise-san plays Orihara Maya. She wears the familiar black fur coat. J's Kanzaki Jun played by Narimiya-san seems to have filled the time-gap by dressing stylishly, his initial appearance... J's visual has changed so drastically, what other surprises will there be!?

After Season 1, each of them went through changes. Soon all of you will understand, the story will be revealed next week on the 23rd! Until then, please wait for it ne~! Next week, look forward to the press conference report!

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