Friday, July 03, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

3 July 2009
Mistaken identity!

Good evening! !

I took a walk through town as there was some free time after work today (^_^)v

Then 2 ladies about the same age as me asked "You're Okada Masaki-san right?" !!

I said, "You've mistaken me for someone else."

I don't think we have any resemblance ne (^_^)v

Everyone, my name is Mizobata Junpei.

Those who know, know! Those who are unfamiliar with it, remember ne ↑ [laugh] (>_<)

What an insult to Junpei lol~
Don't be mistaken... the one on the left is Junpei, on the right Yusuke (>_<)

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(street Jack August 2009)


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