Monday, September 15, 2008

Kitagawa Yuujin
Yuzu News

Yuzu made the 1.6 billion yen man Murakami Takashi cry !

Popular duo Yuzu held a special live performance for the arts fair Geisai at Tokyo Big Sight on the 14th. The chairman of the event, well-known artist Murakamai Takashi whose work was bid for 1.6 billion yen in May, was left in tears.

Yuzu's last spring tour touched on issues like environmental problems and drawings from children all over the world were exhibited in their concert halls. Murakami, who was deeply moved, went to Yuzu's agency personally and made his offer.

Fans lined up 3 hours ahead of the fair's opening, with lines snaking to more than a kilometre. With cheers of "Yuu~jin" and "Ayapa~n!", the two performed 2 songs, one of them Summer Colours. Murakami who got up on stage said, "Sorry. I'm deeply moved..." as his tears flowed.



Ayapan is a nickname for Takashima Aya, a Fuji TV announcer. Yuujin has a Dramawiki entry that refers to her as his wife but I don't think these 2 are married yet. According to Aya's Japan wiki, Nikkan Sports reported in March this year that marriage preparations were underway and they would be married before the year is up but she reportedly denied it in her blog. Need a password to her blog so couldn't read it. Anyone know about it ? Only being nosy because he's gonna act with Maki (-^〇^-)

ゆず 16億円男村上隆氏号泣させた!




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