Monday, February 18, 2008

Abolish that Ab!#@

This has been sitting here for a few weeks. Just read more gossip so I'll just do it at one go.

So this latest one, maybe a week back, has it that Yamapi was supposed to be in a drama with Aragaki Yui in April, on TBS Friday night slot. It was close to being decided but then Johnny's Jimusho decided against it because they were furious that he disregarded their warnings about his relationship with Abiru. Ack, my fingers can't type much anymore. Ganbaru. Even among the entertainment gossip detectives, there seem to be various reports. There's also rumours that Johnny's cannot take the stance of leaving things as they are, especially since on the net, people are close to saying that Yamapi = Abiru. Whenever the topic of Yamapi comes up, Abiru's name is always mentioned. The nudes done in anan was done despite Johnny's approval as an act of defiance. Also rumours that they're looking for a house in Hawaii as they plan to live there together in the future. More to come as the sleuths get to work. Alrite, when it comes, I'll write again.

The earlier one was about Yamapi gettin hitched soon.This was the one that had me recoil from the monitor in horror for 3 days. Married is one thing, Keiko Kitagawa's cute, if it was with Maki it'd be twilight zone but it'll actually be a cause for celebration. But it's supposedly with her. (Abstain, abolish, abhor Abiru !) Reports from last year had it saying that Johnny's Jimusho was strongly against the relationship (because she once admitted to shop-lifting regularly on a variety show and she's basically an all-round yankee) and packed his schedule so that he'll be too busy. But they were still dating with eye-witness reports having seen them on dates like in Akasaka, at the Hakone hot spring during ProDai filming break during Golden Week and at a gym. Supposedly at the hot spring they were seen acting like they were a married couple and looked happy. Bleh. So when are they going to announce it ? According to some industry insider, depends on the circumstances. But before the announcement, there'll be some "beautiful or moving tale" to create a better image for her. I'd say all she has to do is put on some beautiful clothes, or just clothes. So prepare world, when Abiru somehow comes out smelling roses in the news, it's time to take out your mourning attire.

Conflicting from the latest one eh. I'd think Johnny would castrate him before letting the money-maker (pelaris!) go so easily. Ah a little more. Abiru and Yamapi were both on live programs during the New Year countdown. She was at some show where it was reported she was drunk and he of course, at the Johnny's countdown. Supposedly they each made some sort of pact to blow a kiss and make some handsign at the same time. Nauseating. Mo ii. Oyasumi.

A last one to counter an entire post just with the Ab%@# pics. Coincidently, on Aragaki Yui. Plastic surgery ? The eyes look a little different. Maybe a little too much even to account for growing out of the kiddy years. But, what the heck. She's probably has that too sweety-pie image and the gossip mags are just dying to dig up any dirt.

With my final dying breath,

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On Tuesday, February 19, 2008 5:05:00 AM, Anonymous grumpiggy wrote...

abstain, abhor, abolish!!

the gif will be ready soon~


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