Monday, December 31, 2007

Aura #301207 Back home



こんばんは!!今日も1日お疲れ様でした(^-^)/今日は仕事おさめでした!!新春ゴールデンレッドカーペットの収録を終えて、その足で帰郷しました (^O^)/社長とマネージャーさんに東京駅に送ってもらったんですけど…なんか一年間を振り返りながら車に乗ってました。色々な経験をつめた一年…色々な人に出会えた一年!!あっという間だったけど…すごく濃い一年間でしたっ!!車を降りる時に社長とマネージャーさんとガッチリ握手をしました!!『来年も頑張ります』って気合いを込めてっ!!いつも、僕のこれからを親身に考えてくれる2人です!!来年の今ごろ『裕典は成長した』って思ってもらえるように頑張ります(^O^)/


At my parents' home
Good evening !! Thanks for everyone's hard work today too (^-^)/ Today's work is all done !! New Year's "Golden Red Carpet" recording is done and these feet of mine are returning back home (^O^)/ The president and manager gave me a lift to the Tokyo station and during the ride I got to thinking about what had happened this year. The various things I experienced this year, the different people I met !! It was really a wonderful year !! When they dropped me off, the president and manager gave me hearty handshakes !! [Work hard next year] they said, full with fighting spirit !! As always, I can count of them to take care of me !! At about this time next year [Yusuke will have grown up to be an adult] So that I can think like that, I'll do my best (^O^)/

The photo's taken at my home so ... I'm wearing a jersey (^-^)/


His hair never gets a break, even at home. Sugoi.

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