Friday, May 27, 2011

Mizushima Hiro is a ninja in new Mobage CM

Mizushima Hiro's new CM for social media platform Mobage will air nationwide from 27th May. He takes on the role of a ninja and challenges opponents with a katana. In this version 'Mobage for Smartphone Ninja Royal' Mizushima is on a train and he notices the Mobage icon on the man standing in front of him. When he touches it, he is transported into another world where he is attacked by shuriken and ninjas.

As the sword battles were demonstrated to him and he discussed the details with the director, Mizushima remarked how amazing everyone was. As the action went on, he proposed some ideas of his own as well. The director had only praises for him."He catches on to the moves really quickly. He suggested that if you cut the opponent this way, it feels more ominous. That was great. As you would expect from him!" Mizushima commented,"I lack strength so I got pretty worn out. Under the watchful eye and direction of the sword fight director, I somehow managed to do it."

Filming in the train took place during the train's schedule regular break time, so filming time was limited. Furthermore, shooting in the moving train also caused some difficulty. Mizushima said,"It does get hard with the vibrations. The limited filming time also made me nervous. I was relieved when we ended without hitches." The filming of the CM was completed in 2 days.

'Ninja Royal' is an action RPG geared towards smartphones running Android OS. As you tap the screen, you can throw shuriken and slash your katana at your opponents.


Mizushima Hiro is new CM character for Mobage

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