Monday, July 05, 2010

Horikita Maki is Miss Lily 2010

Horikita Maki attended an awards ceremony on 4th July to accept the title of 'Miss Lily 2010'. The award is given out to a woman whose looks is most suited to the flower. Lilies symbolize pure love and reporters took the opportunity to ask about her love life. "Have you experienced pure love recently? Is there anyone you like?" Horikita replied noncomittally,"Well, right now.." On receiving flowers, she described her ideal situation. "I'd be happy to get flowers on the first date." She also revealed that she occasionally sends flowers to her mother. "I've been sending them less than before but I meet up with her. We're planning to have sushi together soon," she revealed. Asked about her plans to have children of her own she said,"Right now I think when I'm 32 or so."



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