Thursday, July 01, 2010

Joan of Arc Press Conference

Horikita Maki, Ito Hideaki and the rest of the cast for the stage play Joan of Arc attended a press event on 30th June. Horikita plays the title role of the saint who died at the young age of 19. This being her first stage work, Horikita said,"I don't have the confidence yet and feel anxious but I will work hard so that I can stand on stage with full confidence." She also revealed that she has recently started weight training to build up her strength.

While Joan was embroiled in crusades, what was Hideaki doing when he was 17? "Listening to Ozaki Yutaka with the thought of 'I don't wanna go to school!', but still going obediently anyway,"he replied laughing. Asked about his red eyes, he replied that he had stayed up watching the Japan-Paraguay World Cup game. With a lady? "Unfortunately no, it was with guy friends. I can't say this too loudly but I'm in the process of looking (for a girlfriend)!" he replied, a little extra appeal to ladies interested in watching the play.

Joan of Arc runs at Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo from 30 November to 19 December and at Umeda Arts Theatre in Osaka from 24 to 28 December. Tickets go on sale from 3 July.


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On Wednesday, July 07, 2010 8:12:00 AM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

Goodness, Maki-chan looks cho-kawaii!! She looks gorgeous.Love her hair..

I hope Pi sees this XD


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