Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hammer Session Poster Shoot

Location Report
Vol 03 Poster Shoot Part 1

This is the studio where the shoot for Hammer Session posters took place!

The posters are designed around a beach theme where Mokomichi, Higa, Mirai and the students are buried in the sand from the waist down, frolic on the sands...
The wind blowing on their faces made for some really cool shots♪

Setting up the sand

For the first report, I will write on how the poster shoot went for Hayami Mocomichi, Shida Mirai and Higa Manami!!

First, Hayami Mokomichi who plays the role of Hachisuka Gorou makes his appearance!
When he enters the studio, he is a little taken aback by the number of staff members and photographers around!!.. Then he makes sure to look in the direction of all the cameras☆

So many cameras around~

Mokomichi, worried about his outfit asked,"It's alright to get on the sand right?" With his tall stature, he looks imposing just by standing but now it's time for him to show some real intensity!!

Checking with the cameraman!

As you might expect from Hammer Session, the shoot takes place with him holding a hammer♪
"Wonder which hammer looks good..."
Filming continues as he consults with staff.

Big hammer?

Small hammer?

Change in pose... "How about if I grab some sand?" he asks the cameraman. "Sounds good! That's so cool!!" He is impressed with Mokomichi's idea☆

Don't forget the monitor check!

I think you can already see how cool Mokomichi looks in the photos from this report but the posters turned out exceptional!! Look forward to the day when you can see them!

Next is Shida Mirai!
Mirai-chan takes great interest in the sand around the studio. She chats with the staff as they spread the sand out. Midway, she grabs some sand and takes a whiff.. Somehow the sand smells like the ocean and she seems a little surprised~♪

What does it smell like?

Mirai-chan also confirms with the staff the image for the shoot.
"How should I pose? What about if I hold up my chin with my hands?" she volunteers and the set-up is decided.

What's the image?

With the wind blowing directly in her face, her dry eyes start tearing but she still gives it her best shot...

Cool Mirai-chan♪

In the poster, you can see how cool Mirai-chan looks with the sea breeze blowing at her!

The last one for today is Higa Manami!
Dressed in a smart blouse, her shoot is different from Mokomichi and Mirai. She is half-buried in the sand.

Higa does an image check too

What kind of expression should I show?

Start of filming!

Then the poster shoot involves only the adults, Higa and Mokomichi.
Furthermore, she looks sexy~♪

Let's wet the hair a little more...

Higa smiles as she she checks the monitor after filming ended.
The meaning behind that smile... you'll get it when you see the poster (*laugh*).

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