Monday, June 14, 2010

Sasaki Nozomi Designer Debut

14th June 2010

On the 13th, actress and model Sasaki Nozomi (22) attended the opening event of brand shop 'Cotton Cloud' in Tokyo. She personally handles the designs for the range of clothes and accessories found in the brand.

She had always wanted to produce clothes that would would be a pair for a pet owner and her dog. On her designer debut, she had achieved her goal, posing with Maron, her 2-year-old female chihuahua. "For the longest time I've wanted to do design, I'm so moved I could cry," she said, tearing up. Does she wear matching outfits with her boyfriend? "That would make for a terrible photo," she joked. "Boyfriend? I don't have one," she replied firmly.

Her latest Fit's CM in 3D:


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