Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Reports 15 and 16

Report 16
16th April 2010
Hongo Kanata as Izumi Gaku!

Lately the weather's been cold.
Is it affecting your health?
YanMega airs in a week.
Time sure flies.

Today we'll introduce Daichi and Hana's classmate, Izumi Gaku played by Hongo Kanata.
Hongo's crank-in was in the studio, filming for a scene in Class 2A.
"Everyone, yoroshiku onegaishimasu," was his awkward greeting.

Hongo begins filming!

First scene...

Is without any words, just facial expressions!

Because Hongo plays the cool and reticent Izumi, a character of few words.

He doesn't engage in idle talk [laugh]

On the day of his crank-in, Hongo spent the whole day from morning to evening filming in Class 2A. He only had lines for 2 of the scenes, otherwise he was silent.

Izumi solves an arithmetic problem smoothly.

Minagawa writes a question on the blackboard.

Class Teacher Sakai vs Izumi!?!?

Despite his silence, Hongo shows different types of expressions in his role... Cool, looking down on others, being indifferent... Everyone, look forward to them.

Report 15
14th April 2010
Introducing the Shinagawa Family!

How's everyone doing?
Team YanMega on location!!
Rushing through at full speed before the first episode airs☆

For today's report, it will be
an introduction to the Shinagawa Family.

"I'll do my best! Onegaishimasu," said the slightly embarrassed Furuta Arata, who plays Daichi's father, Shinagawa Chuta.

"My role is the cute mother," Hori Chiemi chimed in. She's Shinagawa Kiyo.

"I look forward to being Daichi's sister," comments Owada Miho, who plays Shinagawa Kairi.

On behalf of the cast, Narimiya greeted the staff members "For 3 months from today onwards, I believe that there'll be difficult times ahead. To the cast, staff and everyone, I look forward to working with all of you." The first day of filming in the studio began.

One of the rooms in the Shinagawa home. Check out the other rooms when it airs!

Furuta who plays the role of Chuta has a passion for fishing. Because of this, the Costume Team created a handmade fish (horse mackerel) t-shirt using ink, a rare item! Not only the clothes, the Design Team also decorated the Shinagawa home with fish print artwork. "Wow this t-shirt is homemade? It's a great design," Furuta commented, revealing his interesting taste in fashion.

Furuta wearing the stylish t-shirt. The other actors were interested in it too!

Continuing on, it's Hori who plays Kiyo, the silly and childish but warm mother. "I have a child who's about the same age as Daichi, so it's quite a similar experience. In the drama my character watches over Daichi kindly and attentively."

Hori Chiemi cranks-in! She has a soothing effect on the team during filming.

Lastly, it's Kairi Shinagawa... "I'll do my best to torment Daichi! [laugh]" said the highly-spirited Owada. Ever since the rehearsals, Narimiya and Owada have really been like siblings [laugh]. At intervals, Owada commented, "This is a really amusing family!" The family scene is a must-see, look forward to it!

Attacking Daichi (!?) Kairi!!

Check out Daichi's expression!

Don't miss the exchanges between Daichi and his family members.

These Shinagawa home scenes are not from the original work, it shows a different side of Daichi when he's away from school. Look forward to it!!

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On Sunday, April 18, 2010 7:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

Otsukaresama deshita!!!

I wonder how Daichi's family will affect the flow of the story since his parents haven't showed up yet in the manga..

and.. hey there Kanata~ lol!


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