Friday, November 20, 2009

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What type of day will it be today?

18th November 2009


I've safely returned home

This time, I travelled to...


Ger... Ger... Germany

Is it surprising?

Today is the first day of filming
for a new drama

Because of my involvement in this drama
My off days were shortened...

It's alright
As I enjoyed it

It's been a while since we met
Eh? We've seen one another recently?
Those kind of comments were overheard

It's a totally mature cast
Quite nerve-wrecking

My role this time
A wealthy man
Which means, my clothes too will be rich [laugh]

I'm thinking what kind of day it'll be today

The first episode of News Sokuho wa Nagareta airs today

It's okay if you can't watch it live
There are repeat broadcasts

Asking everyone to watch
This entry has become one for advertising

This has been Narimiya.

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