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Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009

A ranking of topics that users ask and answer on Yahoo! Chiebukuro (Yahoo! Answers) between 1st January 2009 and 31st October 2009.

"Yahoo! Chiebukuro" is the largest knowledge retrieval service in Japan, and the Yahoo Japan Corporation has been providing this service since April 2004. Their aim is to connect people who want to question and those who want to answer, and the sharing of wisdom and knowledge among the participants. [Source]

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2009
Yahoo! Chiebukuro

10. One Piece
9. PS3
8. Adultery/Extra-marital affairs
7. iPod
6. Kitano Makoto
5. PSP
4. Diet

Included random entries and some answers from the top 3 chiebukuro.

3. Sakai Noriko
・If you were the judge on the Oshio Manabu and Noriko Sakai case, what will your verdict be?
・Isn't it weird the way the media has reported on Noriko Sakai???
・Did you watch Noriko Sakai's apology?

・My mom was cheated of her Tohoshinki tickets.
・I became a Tohoshinki fan after hearing Survivor, what about you?
・Do you feel embarrassed being a Tohoshinki fan?
The writer said she felt embarrassed because she's already 30. She got a reply from an Arashi fan who confessed that she's also 'old', a housewife with a kid as well but it does not interfere with being a fan.

・Is Aiba-kun the least popular member in Arashi?
When searching for Arashi members using Yahoo!, I get these results.
Matsumoto Jun - About 5,970,000 hits
Ohno Satoshi - About 5,660,000
Sakurai Sho - About 5,650,000
Ninomiya Kazunari - About 5,610,000
Aiba Masaki - About 3,670,000
Reply :
Please don't judge Aiba-chan just from numbers! All the Arashi members are special in their own way. Aiba-chan works hard in varieties. And he has an October drama. You shouldn't ask such a question. Arashi and Aiba-chan have many fans, it's such an insensitive question. Just because he isn't in movies does not mean he is not popular. Anyway, what is the point of your question?

・I'm going to lend a sister's friend an Arashi album, which one do you think is the best one to introduce to a new fan?

・Am I an Arashi otaku?
I've been an Arashi fan for 5 years and am now in 1st year of junior high. My friends call me an Arashi otaku. Am I one?
-Always buy the first press CD
-Always buy first press albums too
-Even if I can't afford it, will buy magazines featuring Arashi
-In the fan club
-Own their calendars
-Room full of posters
Completely normal!!
All Arashi fans are like that☆
I'm a big Arashi fan too and the same.



Questions and answers for #8 are pretty interesting too (;゚(エ)゚)


On Friday, November 20, 2009 2:14:00 PM, Anonymous rabu_storm wrote...

can't help but laugh on the convos about Arashi! xD


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