Friday, July 31, 2009

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Tension UP☆

30th July 2009 (Thursday)

Hello niku here.

Episode 3 again ended right when you were feeling anticipation ne~

Ratings for Episode 3 went up a little, so everyone's tension also went up.
Thank you very much for watching at 9 o'clock.

Recently we've been filming a lot of the cute girls, it heals the heart (*laugh*)
The girls are like adult soup (chicken soup for adults?)

Today's photo shows the uniform-type keychains.

Everyone's numbers and names are written on them.
Cute, aren't they?
(Unfortunately, I don't think they're being sold as merchandise...)

By the way, has everyone seen SHOWER BEAT?
Mizobata-kun, Aoki-kun and Ishida-san (a pro basketball player) have informed you but there are back-and-forths and conversations among the 3 of them not seen in the drama, so please watch.

You can watch from the PC or mobile phone.

Well then, see you~


From Keiko's blog. In yukatas for Episode 4.

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