Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Koishite Akuma
Episode 4 Preview

In spite of trying to suck Makoto's blood, his fangs disappeared. Not knowing the reason, Ruka is left bewildered and when told by Kaito that what it undoubtedly meant was that he was in love with her, he vehemently denies it.

But Kaito's words remains in his mind and Ruka becomes more conscious of Makoto. Meanwhile, Kaori asks Ruka to act in the drama that the drama club is staging.

That night, Ruka who is irritated by Kaito's criticism of his inability to suck blood, takes to the streets.

Around the same time, Fuji who is having dinner with Makoto finally shows her the photograph he picked up by chance, a picture of Makoto and a boy who resembles Ruka, and they start talking.

Before long, the two of them leave the restaurant. Ruka, who secretly sees them, does something unexpected the next day...?


My favourite part of Episode 3 was when Ruka walked around Makoto and finally walks off mumbling worriedly that he couldn't find anything to compliment her on!

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