Saturday, April 18, 2009

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AtaDan! We did it!!
Behind the scene of the Spring Festival

AtaDan! We did it!!
14th April 2009 (Tuesday)

Blue was moved to tears.

Team AtaDan did it.
And, Maki-chan!
No! Chisato did it in the end.
Everyone who took part in the Spring Festival
were surrounded by the staff and congratulated.
The valiant members of the AtaDan Team!!

Everyone tried their best!

And more than anything, all of you AtaDan supporters!
Thanks for your support.
In this spirit, Atashinchi no Danshi will finally start tomorrow.
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!

Behind the scene of the Spring Festival
16th April 2009 (Thursday)

Hello, everyone! Red here.

Thank you very much for all your support
during the Spring Festival the other day.

Well, during the Spring Festival,
it only took one shot of the archery
for Maki-chan.

Actually, during the practice earlier, she hit it right on the mark too!
During the practice, we used a target instead of a balloon.
Look! She hit it so cleanly!

But it's only in theory that the more you practice, the less your chances of failure in front of a live audience.

Maki-chan was amazing!

Such a lovely, gallant figure~

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