Sunday, September 06, 2009

Buzzer Beat Blog

5th September 2009 (Saturday)

Hello niku here

I'm very sorry about the slow update

Yamashita-kun had influenza A and made all of you worry but
from today he has returned to work safely

We received a lot of warm comments, thank you very much.
Don't worry, Episode 9 will be aired as planned

Seeing Yamashita-kun healthy after all this while made us feel relieved as well
Everyone, please be careful of influenza too

There's still a while to go before the final part, so everyone please support us to the end

Well then, see you~


Fujiyama Makoto Blog (Jersey 31)
3rd September 2009

Wonder if Yamashita Tomohisa-kun is alright?
Although I met him when he was doing badly, he didn't show any signs of it at all.
A pro, ne.
I want to see him get well quickly and be healthy ne.
I'll be careful too.
See ya.

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