Sunday, April 05, 2009

Takeru Satoh

4 April 2009
A Beauty

Hiro-kun ☆

Congratulations ★

In the photo is a present Hiro-kun gave me on my birthday.

It's a 『SIAMRICCI』 script cover.

Really stylish.

Made from crocodile leather.

It's too pretty.

I also received a 『SIAMRICCI』 necklace.

It's a bit too much.

Really, thank you.

They are precious to me.

I watched 'Drop' ☆
My brother, seems like two different people.

It was wonderful ☆
A really great movie, especially the action.

As I thought, delinquency is good. Youth is great.

Everyone, please watch it too ♪

Hiro-kun is a really wonderful and cool older brother.

I wish you happiness... ☆

I think Hiro is just so well-loved by everyone!


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